Listing policy

Bah Bet is open to all vendors who wish to sell quality products. For better customer experience we have laid down some ground rules for our sellers in product listing process on our website.

Selling through Bah Bet is very simple. It takes very minimal effort to list the products on our website. We provide a medium where your product meets the right audience. To initiate the listing process please send a request at You would need to share a few basic details and you are done.

What kind of products can I sell in Bah Bet?

Bah Bet is primarily dedicated to the selling of furniture, interior and exterior décor related products. The products we sell here should have quality standards adhering to our guidelines. We are however open to a range of products. Share with us your product and we will try to bring it in our portfolio.

Listing process

To initiate the listing process please contact us at Once we have verified your products and other listing documents we will provide you with access to our panel. Once you have sent a request we will contact you within 48 working hours.

Images and texts policy

Please share the image of the actual product that you wish to sell through us. The image should have a fixed size and should have a clean light colored background. We will share the detailed document with all the details once the listing is approved.

Warranty policy

Please specify the detailed warranty or guarantee norms wherever applicable. Bah Bet will share those details with our customers. The warranty/guarantee needs to be fulfilled by the seller/manufacturer.

No item listing policy

We don’t sell hazardous items, inflammable items.

If I wish to sell my used sofa set can I do it?

Yes, we currently dont have a dedicated service for used items. Please share the details and we will upload the same on our own. You can upload only a maximum of three items provided you are an individual customer.

For more details or queries please contact us


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