About Us

The journey of JPRMart started with the brand Bah Bet focusing on cane and bamboo products in 2018. Since our inception our customers have shown tremendous trust and loyalty in us and that gave us the confidence to expand our portfolio to a wide range of products from furniture & furnishings to food. At JPRMart we carefully select products for our customers based on the following criteria:


All our products are tested against internal and national standards. The products are dispatched once the standards are met.


Our supply chain is developed in a way so that we bring to you the products at the lowest possible market prices.


Impact on climate and environment are two of the core areas that led to the start of the business. To know more about it click here.


Trust is build over time. When our customers return to us over time and shows confidence in our products we know they have shown trust in us.

Our Inception

Vision: Combating Climate change through Plantations & Green Technology and Developing technologies to create a climate resilient agriculture system.

While combating climate change we have realised that only plantation will not help us achieve the goal of net zero. In the construction space we need to plant more trees and create a rotation cycle so that the tree based products are able to augment the need for higher carbon releasing products like cement and steel. To understand this in more detail please click here.